PUNDEEZ founder, Lise Charriere, was sitting in a nail salon getting a pedicure, watching passersby when she had her A-ha! moment.

She noticed that several people had positive statements on their t-shirts. She always loved those kinds of t-shirts and had always been so appreciative of the people who wore them but she had a realization that day. She realized that the very people who were wearing the t-shirts, the ones who must have found SUCH RESONANCE with them because they actually BOUGHT THEM, weren’t getting the full benefit of those positive statements because THEY couldn’t SEE THEM! Everyone else was getting the positive benefits (bless their hearts) but they weren’t.

That’s when the idea of PUNDEEZ hit. The idea of power statements, front and centre on the inside of your undeez, for your eyes only, every single time you go potty. And in that moment she KNEW she had to pursue it.

That was Summer 2018 in Malmö, Sweden. Fast forward two plus years later and here we are. <3

Why Pundeez?

Power + Ease + Undeez = PUNDEEZ

When you forget how great you are, PUNDEEZ is here to remind you.

This is the POWER and EEZ of PUNDEEZ.