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[vc_row et_uniqid=”et_custom_uniqid_5fa2f78718824″ css=”.vc_custom_1604515761929{margin-right: 1vw !important;margin-left: 1vw !important;}” _et_uniqid=”et_custom_uniqid_new_5fa2f7ac95c93″][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. This data protection declaration provides information on the processing of User data by Administrator. It applies to all websites and other services offered by Administrator.

2. The administrator of the User’s personal data is Lise Charriere Communications AB with its registered office in Sweden. The Administrator processes the personal data of Users in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

3. The personal data of the Store’s Users are processed to the following purposes:

a) in order to perform contracts for the sale of products from the Store concluded with the User – the basis for data processing will e the contract concluded with the Administrator by accepting the Administrator regulations;

b) in order to maintain the Store’s User account – the basis for data processing will be the contract concluded with the Administrator by creating an account and accepting the Store’s regulations;

c) in order to provide complaint processes – the basis for data processing is the Administrator’s obligation resulting from the legal provision regarding the warranty;

d) in order to send commercial information regarding the products offered  in the Store, including promotional offers that may be sent to the User’s e-mail address or telephone number provided – the basis for processing the data is User’s voluntary consent;

e) in order to send personalized marketing messages to the User on the Store’s website, the messages will be prepared on the basis of an analysis of the purchases made by the User – the basis for processing the User’s data is Administrator’s legitimate interest consisting in an individual offer;

f) in order to prepare statistical for the internal needs of the Administrator – the basis for processing will be the legitimate interest of the Administrator consisting in collecting information enabling the development of activities and adapting services to the needs of Users,

e) in order to confirm the Administrator’s performance of its obligations and to pursue claims or defend against claims that may be directed against the Administrator, to prevent or detect fraud

4. When making purchases, the User provides only the personal data that is necessary to perform the sales contract. The refusal to provide the data necessary to complete the order results in the Administrator inability to perform the sales contract. In the rest. e.g. in the case of subscribing to the newsletter, consent is voluntary and may be revoked at any time.

5. The Administrator will provide the User’s personal data to entities that he is cooperating with in the performance of the sales contract for goods purchased by the User, including receipt of payment for the purchased goods, as well as the delivery.

6. The User’s data is stored while the User actively contacts the Administrator. The contact is considered to be inactive if the User has not purchased any product from the Administrator or has not used its website for the next 3 years. After the expiry of the three-year period, the Administrator will only store specific personal data that must be kept (i) in light of the purposes for which they were obtained, (ii) if it is required to fulfill a legal requirement, or (iii) if it is necessary to protect the legal situation of the Administrator.

7. Administrator use a number of IT and organizational security measures to minimize the risk of data leak, destruction and disintegration, such as: firewall system, anti-virus and anti-spam security systems, internal access procedures, data processing and disaster recovery, as well as a backup system operating on multiple levels.

8. Under the terms of the GDPR, the User has the following rights in relation to with the processing of his personal data by the Administrator in connection with the operation of the Store: the right to access data, update them, the right to request the transfer of data, delete them, object to data processing and the right to request restriction of their processing.

9. The User has the right to submit a complaint to the proper President of the Office for Personal Data Protection in his country.


1. In order to provide services at the highest level, the Administrator uses cookies. Using the website means that these files will be placed on the User’s device, for which he agrees.

2. The cookies used by the Administrator meet the highest security standards. In particular, it is not possible for viruses or other malicious software to enter the User’s device. Cookies allow to identify the software used by the User and individually adjust the operation of the website. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain they come from, the storage time on the device and the assigned value.

3. Cookies in our site are used for the following purposes:

  • adapting the content of websites to the user’s preferences;
  • optimizing the use of websites;
  • creating unnamed statistics on how users move around the site, due to which their structures and content can be improved, excluding personal user identification.

4. uses cookies to:

  • adapt the content of websites to the needs of users;
  • optimize the use of websites and applications;
  • maintain the user’s session after logging in, so that the user does not have to re-enter their login and password on each subpage of a given website and application;
  • collect data on the use of the website that helps to understand how visitors use it, which allows to improve its structure, navigation and content;
  • display information in such a way as to avoid multiple presentations of the same content to the same user and to present the content in a way that takes into account the user’s interests;
  • reach the user with advertising content broadcast through partner systems outside of websites and applications;
  • support users and guarantee their safety while browsing websites thanks to the use of mechanisms preventing abuse of websites and the possibility of quick contact.

5. Internet browsers are usually set by default to store information in the form of cookies on the end device, i.e. a computer or other device. This means that through the software settings, consent has been expressed to the use of cookies in the above-mentioned scope and purposes. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time by changing the settings. Failure to make changes means that the above-mentioned information may be posted and stored on the end device.

6. From the level of the web browser used by the user, it is possible to independently manage cookies by:

  • accepting cookies, allowing full use of the content available on the website,
  • managing cookies at the level of specific websites,
  • specifying settings for various types of cookies,
  •  blocking or deleting cookies.

Information on how to manage cookies for individual browsers or for mobile applications can be found in the detailed specifications for these browsers or applications.

Restricting or disabling the use of cookies or other information of this type may affect the inability to use some of the functionalities available on the website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]