Power Statements


Abundance comes in many forms, once you realize this you’ll start seeing it everywhere.

  • I am deserving of abundance
  • Abundance is my natural state
  • Abundance flows to me effortlessly


In order to get on this world, you need to accept you.

  • I am a good person
  • Me liking me is what matters most
  • I own and accept who I am


What you appreciate, appreciates. We recommend that you start by appreciating YOU!

  • I want to thank me (thank you)
  • I choose to be grateful
  • I appreciate all the good in my life


The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. The choice is always yours. – Dennis S. Brown

  • Everything is working out for me
  • I just need to keep up with me
  • I am really good at this


Each and every day you are becoming more of who you truly are.

  • I become what I envision myself to be
  • I become what I think about all day long
  • What consumes my mind becomes my life


“You become what you believe.” – Oprah

  • All things are possible when I believe
  • I believe in myself and my abilities
  • If I believe I can, I’m right


Just do your best in any given situation because that’s all you can ever do.

  • Only I know what is best for me
  • Everyone is doing their best, including me
  • I see the best in myself and in others


You are love. You are deserving of love. And you are made of love.

  • I love life and life loves me
  • I am loved and supported
  • I love and respect who I am


Your focus and mindset your greatest assets. Use them wisely.

  • I choose to be happy
  • I decide what to focus on
  • I have power over my mind not outside events


You are entirely up to you. You decide always.

  • My response is my choice
  • Feeling good is my responsibility
  • I am 100% responsible for me


It’s time for you to trust yourself.

  • I am right where I need to be
  • I trust the timing of my life
  • I trust myself and my decisions


You are worthy. You are deserving. You are valued. You belong here.

  • I am worthy and I matter greatly
  • Who I am is enough
  • When I know my worth, the world does too

Size Chart

Often referred to as THE Thong of Thongs! They are sexy, comfy, buttery and literally INVISIBLE.Often referred to as THE Thong of Thongs! They are sexy, comfy, buttery and literally INVISIBLE.

3-pack Thongs


Power StatementsSize Chart
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Low Rise Invisible Thong

Often referred to as THE Thong of Thongs! They are sexy, comfy, buttery and literally INVISIBLE.

  • 3-pack low rise invisible thong
  • Custom print
  • Laser cut
  • Buttery and smooth
  • Soft stretch
  • Seamless brief
  • Low rise
  • Tagless care label

Fabric Composition:

  • Body: 75% polyamide, 25% spandex
  • Gusset: 100% cotton

Say goodbye to those awful seams that have been bothering you all day long! Women’s thongs with empowering captions! Wear thongs so comfortable, that they will become your lounge underwear!

Sexy thongs made from a mixture of high-quality fabrics – spandex ensures an excellent fit, while cotton provides soft touch in your most sensitive areas.

A range of quotes to choose from. From Self-Belief to Acceptance, Worthiness, and many more! Choose the one that will connect with you best and wear it with honor! 

Wear personalized underwear and let it become your reminder – whenever taking a bathroom break, doing laundry, or getting ready for the day! Your caption, your daily affirmation for your eyes only! 

Underwear sets include 3 pairs of custom underwear and a washing bag.

Weight35 g


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